HeroChat, a chat plugin

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HeroChat, a chat plugin

Post  Tjezee on Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:37 pm

Hello peeps,

HeroChat is a mod which allows us to display who is an admin, who is a mod, and who
is a donator on the server, not only that, it also allows us to use channels.

For now there are two channels available for you:

If you are new on the server you will automaticly join the Global chat and if you need
help you type /ch join Helpme and afterwards /ch Helpme to put the focus on this channel.
When you are done talking to us type /ch leave Helpme to leave the channel
or if you want to say something in the global chat instead of the helpme chat you type
/ch global to put the focus on the global chat.

Its alot to take in perhaps but you will get used to it Wink


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