Bukkit, essentials

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Bukkit, essentials

Post  Tjezee on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:31 am

Hello peeps,

The server is running several mods to make the game more fun.

Bukkit Version: #522 (Lastest recommended build)
Bukkit is a server mod for the official Minecraft Beta SMP server. It is currently in production and pending release. It is considered a successor to hMod, a server mod built by hey0 which had become outdated due to hey0's lack of interest in Minecraft. Some think of it as hMod v2. It is said to be lightweight, faster, and more efficient than hMod, but all plugin developers will have to re-program their mods as Bukkit will use the new Bukkit API.

Essentials version: 2.0.271 (2.0.285 fails)
This mod enables you to do a variety of things. It allows the player to send private messages with /msg, set your home base with /sethome, or request help from an admin by using the /helpop function. These are just some examples, to find out what you can do with it, type
help ingame followed by the number of the page, so /help for page 1, /help 2 for page 2, /help 3 for page 3 and so on and so forth.

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