LWC mod, chest protection

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LWC mod, chest protection

Post  Tjezee on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:45 am

Hello peeps,

Because there was a lot of stealing going on when the server just got started,
we decided to use a mod called LWC - Lightweight Inventory Protection & Management
as the plugin authors call it.

LWC version 1.61
How to use: When you are in game in front of the chest you want to protect
use /lwc -c private OR /cprivate to grant access only to you.
you can also grant certain people access to the chest by typing either
/lwc -c private Tjezee OR /cprivate Tjezee.

However, there is yet another method of using this mod. With passwords.
type /lwc -c password insert password here to have your chests protected with a password.
All you have to do is give your friends the password and they will be able to access the chests.

If you wish to remove protection on your chests you can type /lwc -r protection and hit
your chests.

If you want to see these instructions ingame just type /lwc in the chat and you will
see the available options.

I hope this will help you keep your valuables safe!

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