Current server issues! READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Current server issues! READ BEFORE POSTING!

Post  Tjezee on Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:01 pm

Hello guys,

Every server has its flaws and today these are the flaws this server has.
Read carefully before you want to make a bug report please:

* LWC protection mod (chests / doors / etc )
Due to a database error I had to reinstall the mod which means all protections
are now disabled! Please protect your chests again with /cprivate

* Residence
- If you buy the property it will give you an iConomy connect error
which means you can't buy property atm
- Even though you are the owner, you won't be able to build because you are
not added to the white-list

Certain quests need tweaking. Either in difficulty or rewards.

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