Rules on the server

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Rules on the server

Post  Tjezee on Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:12 am

Hello peeps,

The rules of the server are pretty simple;
#1 No griefing
#2 No stealing
#3 Be nice to eachother
#4 Speak english
#5 Have fun

There there, that wasn't so hard wasn't it?
You can read these rules again if you spawn in the community center and you do not
want to break them. Let me be clear that breaking rule #1 No griefing is
punished by an insta-ban. No trial, your gone.

Fred: "But, but, my little brother went on my pc and he's a griefer and he did it, not me!"
Staff: "*Shrug* Ban."

Is this clear to everyone?
Other rule breaking might land you in jail. An unbreakable environment; for an undetermined time. If you have a big mouth while in jail you will get muted.

This might all seem harsh, but these actions have to be taken to make the server fun for
everyone. Remember rule #5 Have fun and cya ingame!


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